Project number 101094386
Project acronym EUSPACED
Duration of the project 36 monthes (November 01/2022 – October 31/2025)

The project aims to achieve the following goals:

– To study the concept of “security” in its diachronic and intercultural development as the fundamental component of the European values, to expand modern interdisciplinary knowledge about this phenomenon and understand the role that security plays in the development of Ukrainian and international students’ cognitive ability.

– To disseminate and implement the concept of creating a safe educational space at the university; benefits and challenges of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU; the impact of realizing the significance of security as a basic European value on the main target groups and the Ukrainian society.

– To analyze possibilities and feasibilities of implementing a safe educational environment based on European cultural values in modern Ukrainian realities.

– To determine the prospects for implementing the EU experience in developing a safe educational space in Ukraine.

– To study the basic principles of security in intercultural communication and the implementation of the EU cultural policy.

Target group: Scientists, teachers, students, postgraduate students, researchers, public people, the general public. Publication preparation: textbooks, lecture notes, training syllabus collections, conference materials.

Conducting scientific linguistic and interdisciplinary research on the impact of deprivation of a person’s primary adaptive need for security on his cognitive abilities and ways to correct such an impact.

Expected outcomes: Promoting the culture of security in the field of the EU integration / European sphere of security in the educational space, as well as stimulating perfection in training and research on European security.

The results will be aimed at harmonizing the EU policy in the field of a safe educational space for foreigners.

The project consultant – Oleg Pasko, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Head of the Research Department, Associate Professor of the Department of Accounting and Taxation of SNAU.

Project accountant – Nataliya Mazina