The first in Ukraine “Plastic challenge Hackathon 2021”

The first in Ukraine “Plastic Challenge Hackathon 2021” (PlasticCH2021), co-financed by the European Union, is the Ukrainian forum in which the latest researches and practices in plastics circularity and sustainability are shared, discussed and promoted.

This event is held within the project “Towards circular economy thinking & ideation in Ukraine according to the EU action plan” (ACET&I) under Erasmus+ Programme.

PlasticCH2021 aims to consolidate academic and business efforts to find innovative solutions and support the initiatives of innovators in bioplastics development and polymers recycling in compliance with the EU Plastics Strategy and the EU Circular Economy Action Plan.

PlasticCH2021 is focused on searching for:

– ideas on developing bioplastics as more circular and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics, promoting these ideas
– advanced technologies for collection and recycling of plastic packaging waste
– ideas towards plastic waste prevention

Cash Prizes
Сore areas (but not limited to)
PlasticCH2021 includes:

The winners will get valuable prizes and opportunities to accelerate their ideas!

Important Dates
Registration opening April 8, 2021
Deadline for submitting contributions May 16, 2021
Notification to authors within two days after receiving the application
Prof. Yuriy Danko, General Chair PlasticCH2021
Associate Prof. Tetiana Shevchenko, Chair PlasticCH2021
Associate Prof. Dmitry Bidiuk, Co-Chair PlasticCH2021
Associate Prof. Ksenia Blumska-Danko, PR-manager PlasticCH2021
Contact persone Tetiana Shevchenko – Project coordinator
Phone +38 066 182 03 96
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