GRADUATION OF STUDENTS OF THE COURSE “Environmental Security and Climate Leadership of the EU”

In order to certify the students of the course “Environmental security and climate leadership of the EU” at the end of May – beginning of June 2023, the defense of graduation projects took place. The courses were held online as part of the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Chair “EU Climate Leadership” project 620031-EPP-1-2020-1-UA-EPPJMO-CHAIR from February to the end of May 2023. The presentation of the graduation project is a mandatory type of work for obtaining a course completion certificate, as it allows the project team to assess whether the graduate has acquired the necessary competencies and whether the project results have been achieved. The defense of projects took place online on May 30 (for students of the advanced course – masters and postgraduates) and on June 6 (students of the “basic” – bachelor’s course). This format allowed not only all representatives of the project team to be present at the defense, but also to listen to as many listeners as possible.
The 11 master’s and 18 bachelor’s student succsessfully finisged the course.

The topics of the projects were very broad and practically oriented. When issuing the task, the project managers tried to take into account the regional feature (after all, the listeners were from different parts of Ukraine) and the background of the participant (his professional and scientific direction). As a result, the listeners presented a very wide range of projects – from climate plans of various cities to analysis of the impact of climate change on various sectors of the economy. Including, an analysis of climate risks of different regions and cities not only of Ukraine, but also of the world was carried out, recommendations were formulated regarding actions to combat climate change and adapt to it at different levels (international, national, regional, individual).
According to the results of the training, each of the participants received a certificate of completion of the corresponding course with the corresponding number of hours and credits of the ECTS system – 90 hours for bachelors, 180 hours for masters and postgraduate students.
We wish our graduates self-belief and optimism, confidence in their abilities, a clear civic stance and the desire to make this world a better place regardless of obstacles! We hope that the acquired knowledge will be useful in your professional and scientific activities!