We study ourselves – to share relevant knowledge with you!

“Never stop in your self-education and always increase the level of your knowledge!” – this is the rule of our team. During June 2022, Iryna Vaskina studied at the International Summer School of the University of Liverpool (Great Britain) on the topic of “Sustainable Development Goals: Global Challenges, Local Actions, Achieved Outcomes.”

During 4 weeks, students from different countries of Europe and Asia (Ukraine, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong) studied online with the teachers of the University of Liverpool, attended lectures and practical classes, worked with international documents and shared their own experience. Among the discussed topics were such important ones as the analysis of the results of COP26 in Glasgow, consideration of successful examples of the implementation of climate policy at the local level – at the level of cities, towns, and university campuses. The evaluation of the course based on the results of the implementation and presentation of own project on the chosen topic. From the project of Iryna Vaskina, the students of the course not only learned about successful examples of the implementation of climate policy in the cities of Ukraine, but also about our project, which inspired other participants to new ideas in their countries.

Our team now has most relevant knowledge and examples of the application of climate policy at different levels, which allow us to share it within our project. We are already updating our educational materials and preparing to meet you at the next Autumn Academy!