Participating in the International Conference, Poland

Despite the difficult situation in the country and prolonged hostilities, we must continue active work within the project, because this knowledge will come in handy after victory!

Thus, Iryna Vaskina, our team-member, took part in the 3rd International Scientific Conference “ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING”, which took place on June 28 – July 1, 2022 in Poznan, Poland.

The topics of the conference were represented by the most relevant areas of our time – Sustainable development and environmental management, Waste management and Renewable energy sources, Circular economy, Atmospheric pollution and Climate change. The conference brought together scientists from different countries of the world – Europe, Asia, America. The total number of participants reached 250 people, who are representatives of 23 countries and about 40 universities and other scientific institutions. Dr. Vaskina participated on the conference as a member of the Scientific Committee, speaker, and moderator of one of the sessions.

Our project attracted the interest of colleagues from other countries who willingly shared their experience in their speeches and informal meetings.