Welcome to the test part of the distance course on EU Climate Leadership.

Here you find 19 blocks of test tasks according to the topics of lectures presented on the site and the final test. Take all the tests after listening lectures.

You can get 10 points maximum for each test. If you total score is more than 114 points, you can get the final test.

The maximum score for the final test is 20 points. The course is considered successful if you scored 12 points or higher in the final test.

After successfully passing the final test, please send a letter with information to  jm.euclead@snau.edu.ua

* Please note, that all the tests are avialable only in Ukrainian

The test includes the following topics:

Test 1. Climate change: how do we know what will happen next

Test 2. Assessment of the impact, opportunities and priorities for Ukraine in connection with climate change

Test 3. International climate policy: a thorny path to the Paris Agreement

Test 4. Formation of climate policy of Ukraine at the national and international level

Test 5. EU environmental policy and the process of its implementation in Ukraine under the Association Agreement

Test 6. Legal regulation in the field of climate change prevention in the EU

Test 7. European green trends and regulation of industrial pollution in Ukraine: the relationship, problems, next steps

Test 8. The impact of climate change on social justice and equality

Test 9. Climate education

Test 10. Climate policy in the transition to alternative energy sources. Bioenergy.

Test 11. Experience of cooperation in the field of EE and RES in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Test 12. The role of public organizations in the formation of climate policyTest

Test 13. Energy independence of communities – development of small generation of RES

Test 14. Ecosystem adaptation to climate change in Ukrainian biosphere reserves

Test 15. Ecosystem adaptation in the Desnyansky biosphere reserve

Test 16. Estimation of carbon capacity of carbon by natural ecosystems

Test 17. Ecological and physiological aspects of the response of plants to climate change

Test 18. Problems of climate change in terms of horticulture

Test 19. Adaptation to climate change in the agricultural sector

Final test