Unlocking Opportunities: Crafting Successful Grant Applications for Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Modules in Higher Education

On December 20, the Department of Foreign Languages at SNAU conducted a scientific and methodical seminar dedicated to preparing a grant application for the Module Jean Monnet Program under Erasmus+. The seminar aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding of the Erasmus+ program, specifically focusing on the Jean Monnet module, and provide theoretical principles and practical advice for successful grant application preparation.

Three presentations were introduced to the Department of Foreign Languages staff. The first presentation, titled “ERASMUS + Program. Jean Monnet Direction: Opportunities for Ukraine,” was given by Tetiana Fomenko. She focused on the relevance of the

Erasmus+ program and its role in promoting European integration and cooperation in the context of the Jean Monnet module. The speaker emphasized the benefits that this program offers to Ukraine, including academic collaboration, networking, and enhancing the European dimension in education.

Yuliia Lushchyk delivered the report “Theoretical Principles and Practical Advice for Preparing a Grant Application for the Erasmus+ Module Jean-Monet Program,” providing the audience with a comprehensive understanding of modern trends in the topics, key components of a project application, and strategic approaches to aligning proposals with the program’s objectives. The speaker also shared information about the evaluation criteria used by the selection committee.

The third presentation, “Writing and Submitting a Grant Application for the Erasmus+ Module Jean-Monet Program,” was presented by Maryna Bilotserkovets. The speaker provided a step-by-step guide, offering valuable tips and strategies for creating a compelling application. Emphasis was placed on the importance of clear project objectives, a well-defined work plan, and a realistic budget. Additionally, the speaker discussed the submission process, including key deadlines and documentation requirements.

The interactive nature of the seminar allowed academic staff to engage in discussions, seek clarification on specific aspects, and share their insights and experiences related to grant application preparation.

The event was a valuable platform for participants to enhance their understanding of the Erasmus+ program, particularly the Jean Monnet module. The speakers provided information to equip colleagues with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare competitive grant applications. This will contribute to the department’s involvement in EU cooperation and collaboration.